The Reasons for Eating Home-Cooked Food

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In this hectic lifestyle, fewer people concerns what they eat. Nowadays, eating the healthy food does not become the priority. Sometimes, you may only eat when you are at the meeting in the restaurant. You may only eat the snack while you are watching the movie. Do you still remember when the last time you prepare the healthy food at home? When did you have lunch recently? With the increase of the fast-food restaurants outside, more people are lazy to prepare the meal at home. They rare eat home-cooked food. They prefer to buy the quick service food in the restaurant. it is because they do not realize that eating home-cooked dish is the healthy habit. This habit has many positive effects on our body.

Most people do not aware the importance and the benefits of home-cooked food. They just eat something fast to serve, cheap, and tasty. No doubt, they choose to buy the fast-food. But, if you are aware of your health, you should stop this habit. You have to start eating the healthy home-cooked food. There are several reasons for consuming home-cooked food. Perhaps the reasons below can influence to start eating home-cooked food.

•          Nutritious.

Most of the food prepared by the restaurant is high in salt, fat, and sugar. On the other hand, home-cooked food is free from that substance. It is because you can control the amount of salt, sugar, and fat. You can have to option to replace these items with the healthier options. when we eat home-cooked food, we can prepare the meal simpler. This way, we can increase our health since we eat the nutritious food.

•          Hygienic.

For your information, not all restaurants follow the hygienic standard. Some restaurants may be hard to maintain the level of hygiene and cleanliness in preparing the food. They may sometimes ignore the cleanliness of the cooking and dining place. But, if you make your own food at home, you can control the cooking technique. So, you can maintain the hygiene of the food. This makes our food healthier. As a result, our stomach will be happier.

•          Appropriate portion.

Since we were the child, our parents taught us not to waste our food. So, most of us follow this rule until now. When you are eating out in the restaurant which serves the large portion of food, you can be overeating. This is caused the health issue for the certain people. They will easily have the obesity problem. The best portion guide for eating is the Japanese. They only eat till they are 8/10th full. So, you should stop eating before you are full. We have to change our eating habit. If you follow this Japanese rule, we can be much healthier. That is why we have to eat at home. It is because we can control our portion.

•          Healthy habit.

When you eat the home-cooked meal, you can start your healthy life habit. This habit will be beneficial throughout your life.

•          Cheap.

Have you ever read the article or book about Money Saving hack? You will find that eating home-cooked food will be on the top. Eating at home is the easiest and simplest way to save your money. Compared to eating at the restaurant, eating at home is cheaper. You just need to spend the money to buy the fresh ingredient. Then, you can cook it on your own style.

McdVoice – The Best Tips to Complete McDonald's Customer Survey 2018


Are you interested to win McDonald's Coupon Code from McdVoice? But, you confuse how to run that online survey because it is your first time. Well, this article will help you to get it all. You may get some information about the rules, requirements, and the steps in McdVoice Survey. As long you have completed them all, you can open your great chance to win the reward. If you get any troubles with it, you can visit to get the immediate answer. Stay tuned and enjoy reading!

What do You Know about McdVoice?

McDonald's Company wants to hear about its customers want and hope from its company. Further, its company has a high intention to provide the direct link to the customers to be part of Company's development. So that's why a customer survey is the best idea to reach that purposes. McdVoice is this link that will allow the owner and the customers to get in touch and stay connected. The Mcdonald's Customers can get this online survey at

What should You Discuss About in McdVoice?

In general, McdVoice Survey will discuss your eatery experience in McDonald's Restaurant. Just in case you forget about it, you should not arrange the feedback in Here the following discussion that you are going to meet in McDonald's Survey 2018, such as:

  • Cleanliness
  • Food quantity, quality, and price
  • Staff manner
  • Services
  • The likelihood for suggesting, and much more.

What are the Rules in McdVoice?

Before knowing about the step by step, you should be sure that you agree with the rules involved. And, here they are:

  • The First, you are not a part of the employee, staff, partner, and even the families.
  • The Second, you must be 18 years old or more.
  • The Third, only the resident of the United States and District of Columbia are allowed to take part in McdVoice.
  • The Fourth, the McdVoice Survey Code will be available for only three days after the current visit.
  • At last, the survey participants should be familiar with English or Spanish.
What are The Requirements in McdVoice?

The requirements here will help you to complete all sections of McdVoice Survey. Just in case you don't have one of the requirements, you can prepare it now. You still have a short time for preparing. The requirements are:

  • The first thing that you need to prepare is for your electronic devices. You may use PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone. Then, those devices should have the best internet browser and its stable and strong internet connection.
  • The second thing is about the receipt, just make sure that you can catch the information there as well your McDonald's Receipt has its own condition.
  • The third thing is about your free time around five to ten minutes.
  • At last, don't forget about the written tool. Your pen or pencil will be useful to write down the code.
What are The Steps in McdVoice?

Then, this article is going to share some tips to run McDonald's Customer Survey 2018. As mentioned above, the first thing to do is making sure that you have a stable and strong internet connection. Then, you can follow the step by steps below:

  • Tip 1:

At first, you need to visit the survey website at and select the language instruction. You can select between English or Spanish.

  • Tip 2:

Then, you can give some useful information such as McdVoice Survey Code. Even you missed the code, you can start by sending the store number and so on. You can click on the blue link under the picture.

  • Tip 3:

After that, just be sure that you have passed all questionnaires section. You need to give the rates from one to five which it shows your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with McDonald's Performance.

  • Tip 4:

At last, you can support your feedback by sharing the issues or recommendation on the blank box involved. McDonald's Restaurant will love all the feedback from the customers. Then, you can select the “Next” button. It means that you have finished all sections in

Just in case you get troubles, you can contact the McDonald's Customer Service at 1-800-244-6227 or visit McDonald's Official Website at But as long you obey all rules and follow the tips above, you can complete the survey without any troubles. Wish you luck and see you there!

How to Create Customer Surveys for Your Developing Business


If you run a business, you must know the value of customers for your business. You cannot deny that the customers are the main priority that you need to pay attention. Without customers, you run nothing. And there are some ways to attract more customers to use the service or products of your business. One of the smartest ways is by creating a customer survey that can measure their level of satisfaction. And if you do not know how to create one, you can follow the tips from Here we go!

•          Tip #1: Know Your Target

The first step, you have to create a target for your customer surveys. As you can see, your customers come in various ages. In this case, you need to decide which age you want to target. For example, you want those customers who are at the age of 18 above to participate in the survey. And, to make it happens, you can set it as prerequisites of the survey program.

For the next, you can start to decide the goal of the survey. Not to mention, you can tell us the survey as the measure for the customers’ satisfaction level. Or, you can also set it as a portal for you to get inspiration for new products. And also, you can use the survey as a place for the customers share their feedback. In short, whatever the targets you set, the main goal is to improve the quality of your business products and service.

•          Tip #2: Arrange Questions

After setting the targets and the goal, you can start to arrange the questions you want to ask at the survey. For example, you can ask about your employee's speed in giving the service. You will find out whether your employees have been working well or not. Or, you can also ask the customers about the cleanliness of the area of your business. Even more, you can ask suggestion about how to make your business to be better.

In making the questions, you need to be in a position of your customers. In this case, you should think about their feelings as well as their experience. You can give five scales options that they can choose one. It will reflect their feelings of satisfaction during the visit. And of course, you can track the unhappy customers and offer some promotions to get their trust back.

•          Tip #3: Give Rewards

And the last, you can promote the survey program you create to your customers. In this case, it will be awesome if you put some prizes for the customers. For example, you can give a discount coupon that they can use at your store. Or, you can also reward them a gift card, but they have to spend it at your store. No doubt, the customers will find it interesting. They will participate in the survey program even if for the sake of the prizes you offer.

As you also have to think about business, you need to set a prerequisite those only customers who can join and win the survey. The right way to do so is by giving a survey code on the receipt of the transaction you give to the customers. Without the receipt, the customer then will not be able to take the survey. Yes, it will be cool as some customers may have to buy your products just to get the receipt. And. The more they take the survey, the more receipts they need.

In short, you can say that customer surveys become a crucial thing for your business. Keep learning and practicing making a good survey, and best luck for your brighter business!

Bojangles Listens – The Ways to Join Bojangles Survey and Get a Free Biscuit


Bojangles Survey comes and hears what the customers’ need and want. Start from now, we can join in Bojangles Listens by visiting For a surprise, we will get a chance to enjoy a free biscuit on our next visit. Come on, take it now guys!

About Bojangles Restaurant

As one of the largest restaurant in America, Bojangles comes and offers the originality of handmade taste. It provides the great experience of eating by its food taste. Even, their friendly service will lead the customers to catch their best experience in eating.

There are more than a thousand Bojangles’ branches in more than ten regions in the world. At least, it has expanded in most of the United States, District of Columbia, Jamaica, Mexico, Ireland, China, and Honduras.

About Bojangles Listens

In line with the other restaurant or franchising, it also offers an online survey portal. It names its survey with Bojangles Listens. In this portal, the customers can give their assessment through its performance. Also, this portal offers a great reward with a free sausage biscuit for the winner.

The ways to join in Bojangles Listens

To join in this online survey portal, the customers should follow some ways as well as possible. Then, here they are:

  • The first (1):

In a beginning way in Bojangles Listens, the customers should visit the main website. In this case, they may visit

  • The second (2):

Then, they need to send the survey invitation number. Even, they may find it in their current receipt.

  • The third (3):

Bojangles Listens needs the information about the restaurant number and even the day and hours of the current visit. At that time, they need to look for the information in their current receipt.

  • The fourth (4):

In this section, they can start to give the review by rating some statements. This site will offer them some like-scale with a range one to five.

  • The fifth (5):

Then, they may give the descriptive answer related to its experience with the restaurant. In this occasion, this site will offer them with a box where they can write the answer.

  • The sixth (6):

At last, they may submit their review. But before it, they may send their personal information. At least, this information will be beneficial as the reference for Bojangles Team.

The rules in Bojangles Listens

In line with the others survey portal, it also has its own rule. And, here they are:

  • At first: The participants in this survey should be at least 18 years old.
  • The second: They must be the resident of United States.
  • The third: The survey invitation number is available in its time. Often, it is not more than seven days of the visit.
  • The fourth: They are not the team of Bojangles Restaurant.
  • The fifth: Then, they are capable of understanding the basic of English or Spanish.
The requisites in Bojangles Listens

Then, before joining in it. The participants should prepare some requisites. Here they are:

  • They must prepare PC, laptop or tablet. Even, they may use their mobile phone.
  • Then, they must make sure that their devices have a stable internet connection.
  • At last, they keep their current receipt.
The reward in Bojangles Listens

After participating in the survey, the participants will get a chance to enjoy a free sausage biscuit in their next visit. In this occasion, they may redeem their reward in not more than 30 days of the survey.

Bojangles Customer Service

If the participants get troubles during their survey, they may contact its customer service. And, here they are:

•           Bojangles phone number: 1 (800) 366-9921

•           Bojangles main website:

•           Bojangles mailing address: Tands, Inc. Main Office PO Box 277 Kinston, NC 28502

Dollar General – Let’s Find Your Suitable Job Position in

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Are you looking for a job today? You don’t need to worry because Dollar General Provides some job opportunities. In this case, you may find your suitable position in Come on! You may invite your friends to join in Dollar General Team.

About Dollar General

Dollar General is the biggest American retails. Since 1955, Dollar General provided household appliances, family apparels, cleaning necessities, health and beauty aids, and so on. Nowadays, there are more than 13.000 Dollar General Stores in more than 40 regions in the United States. As a result, DG becomes the biggest retail store and the most popular market in the USA.

Dollar General is well-known as the complete household appliances with its low price. Then, this store offers the high service to the customers. Because of its goodness, Dollar General gets the high profit and the high customers satisfaction.

Dollar General Career

Dollar General offers some job positions this year. This large store opens the opportunity in both of Full-time position and part-time position. Then, the job seekers can choose the suitable position based on their condition. Even, DG’s management will manage their work time based on the store’s necessities.

In general, Dollar General will open the opportunity to the job seekers who have a strong intention with Dollar General. In specific, the job seekers must have a positive attitude, good in communication and listen, able to work both of team or individual and able to work in the high-speed movement.

Here the jobs are:

•           Manager

Management position divides its team into three parts. Those are Sales Associate Leader, Assistant Manager, and Store Manager. Overall, all the positions need a people who has high performance in managing the sales and employee. Even, they must have the best communication skill. Perhaps, this position asks you to get in touch with customers, employees, and even with the clients.

Because of its hard duty, Dollar General offers the high enough salary for its position. It may start from $30k up to $40k. Even, this position offers the wage bonus in every year up to $50k. How great it is!

•           Cashier

In this position, the job seeker must able in fast-speed and effective of work, and friendly to face the customers. But sometimes, this position stands on Customer Service desk. Then, they may able to answer the question through the products and price, merchandise, selling and shipping, and even the shop policies.

The qualification in this position is no complicated enough. The job seekers must be at least 18 years old and have the strong intention to stand for an entire shift. Indeed, this position offers the wage raises in more than $9.00 based on their achievement. Even, it may start from $8.00.

•           Sales Associate

In a same with Cashier or Customer Service, Sales Associate need to get it touch with the customers. Even, they may able to answer the customers’ questions, find the requested items, complete the shop’s shelf, and restocking items.

Sales Associate will get a salary per hour of works. It may start  $8.00 or $9.00 per hour. In regular time, this position will get some benefits through the products discount, services, and merchandise.

Where can I apply for DG’s career?

The job seekers can find the lists of Dollar General’s job opportunity in In this site, the job seekers will find the main website of Dollar General company. Then, they may continue by clicking on the menu Careers on the upside of the site. Later, they will come to Dollar General Job Position sites in

About is the main website of Dollar General Company.

You have read all the information about Dollar General Career. Then, you must make sure to find your suitable positions and join in Dollar General teamwork. You can visit dgcustomerfirst for the further information about it. Best luck!

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