Aeries Maplestory Login Are Ready

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Aeries Maplestory Login Are Ready

Posted by Breault Albaric on Sunday, 16 February, 2020 05:07:12

Download the MapleStory.exe file from the AIO Folder (found in the 'OFFICIAL LINKS' spoiler) and replace it with your MapleStory.exe file. To prevent Nexon Launcher from automatically updating your game file versions: go to Game Settings for Nexon Launcher and disable Auto-Update .

While other Maplestory servers stagnate, we seek to constantly progress and improve ourselves. We boast unique features specifically tailored for you and your experience, such as Enhanced Progression with 8x EXP, 4x DROP and 6x MESOS

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Please login to the new 2019-2020 year. Your Aeries account username and password is same as your computer username and password. If you forgot your password then

With the required student information, you are now ready to set up a parent or student account. Below are the steps to create a new account. Click on "Login to Aeries Parent Portal" and click on "Create New Account" at the bottom right of the login screen.

Every time I start up Maplestory, it loads up just as normal, until I get to the world selection screen. The moment i select any one of the worlds and choose any channel, I'm greeted with a message reading "That ID is already logged in, please try again later." After pressing (OK), I see "Are you ready to exit?"