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Edsby Server Name

Posted by Bovee Adela on Thursday, 13 February, 2020 04:25:54

What is the server name for the Edsby mobile app? A. sdhc.edsby.com. Q. How can I order a transcript? A. Visit here for information. Contact the Registrar, Caroline Carney, via email or by calling 813-672-5405, extension 261 if you have additional questions. Q.

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Once the Edsby app is installed, simply provide it with the address of your Edsby server, which is usually similar to "xyzorg.edsby.com". Get it from your school if you don't know it. Then, just provide your Edsby user name and password.

Welcome to Edsby Your NAME. Your Edsby account has been activated as the parent/guardian of Your Child's Name. Edsby has been chosen by Greater Essex County DSB to provide a modern way for parents and guardians to follow their child's progress at school, receive school updates and much more.

Based in Toronto and originally named CoreFour, Edsby was founded in April 2010 by Steve Asbury, Jon Asbury, and Scott Welch, the three original founders and architects of the software application FirstClass, and co-worker John Myers.

Teachers and Parents can communicate to each other through the Parent Accounts. If you have the app for Edsby, you'll need to enter the server name - sdhc.edsby.com. There will be a field to enter sdhc. For more information about the app, click HERE.