Why Won T My Facebook Login

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Why Won T My Facebook Login

Posted by Brouhard Ambroise on Thursday, 13 February, 2020 04:11:00

I click on-remember-remember my email address-remember my password-but each time i go into Facebook i have to type in everything to login. When i leave Facebook i don`t logout i just close. Also when i go to another site and come back to Facebook i have to type in the email address and password again because it`s logged out.

Facebook users who provide an incorrect email address will be unable to log into the site. Since an email address must be entered exactly as it appears on the email account, including any capital or lowercase letters, numbers and special symbols, an incorrect email login may be as simple as an accidental lowercase letter or a forgotten underscore.

When I tried to log into my Facebook account, it would not let me open it without creating a business page. I tried several times and could not do anything else but create a business page. So I started to create a business page and it now will not let me continue because it says I already have an account and it won't take the password.

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If your downloading off Google Chrome it might be corrupted. They dont support flash on downloads. Try another browser, and turn off your firewall when you download. The latest updates are effecting several things.

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